Five Things I Have Learned Living in Spain

1. You don’t need a dryer

Coming from the United States, I am so used to having a dryer! Since living in Spain, I have found that having a dryer isn’t considered a necessity. I have learned to live without a dryer and it’s actually not that bad! I have to plan my laundry a little bit to make sure I leave about a day for my clothes to dry, but it hasn’t been an issue for me.

2. The US overuses plastic bags

Here in Spain, you have to pay for a plastic bag if you want one in the store. They aren’t expensive (0.10€), but it encourages you to bring your own bag or reuse them. I still haven’t gotten used to bringing my own bags because I am so used to the store giving them to you for free, so I have a collection of plastic bags haha. But usually, I will reuse them for my trash can in my room if I forget to bring them to the store!

3. You don’t need air conditioning

Coming from the south of the US, we ALWAYS had air conditioning. It is so humid you feel like you will die without it. But living in Madrid, my apartment doesn’t have air conditioning and that is actually the norm. Madrid’s heat is dry but it is super hot in the summer!! I have realized that you don’t need air conditioning. I close my blinds during the day so the heat doesn’t enter the apartment and then at night, open up the windows with a fan!

4. Public Transportation is Awesome

I am used to having a car in the United States with no public transportation. In Madrid, if you are 26 and under, you can get a monthly pass for only 20€!! This pass lets you use the metro, bus, and trains as much as you want! If you buy a metro ticket individually, it is only 1.50€! The public transportation works so well in Madrid and I love not having a car.

5. Life > Work

In Spain, the culture is amazing! They really value their life and time with their families more than work, and I admire that. I hope to incorporate that quality in my own life and really enjoy the moment!

Let me know what you think!