Four Tips When Staying at a Hostel

Four Tips When Staying at a Hostel

When traveling around the globe, staying in hostels is a way to keep the costs of accommodation low. Because of this low cost, there are some extra things you may have to think about that you wouldn’t have to when staying in a hotel. To help you have the best stay possible, follow my tips below.

Bring a Lock

When staying in hostels, you are in a room with minimum three other people. I have stayed in a room with 16 people before and that’s common in hostels. Usually, in your room, you have a locker or a storage box under your bed to store your bags. You have to bring your own lock with you. Any lock will do. I purchased this one on amazon and use it every time. I prefer the locks with a code so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a key!

If you forget your lock or don’t have time to purchase one before your trip, the hostels always sell/rent locks for about 2-3€. If you have a lot of bags, hostels have extra lockers as well that are bigger than the ones in your room to store your things. You have to pay per day for that storage, but it is inexpensive (2-3€ per day).

Bring Toiletries

Unlike a hotel, a hostel doesn’t provide you with shampoo, conditioner, or a towel to shower. What I usually do is bring travel bottles–one for shampoo, one for conditioner, and one for body wash. The travel bottles I use are here. They are super durable and perfect for traveling by plane. I always bring a towel as well to use at the hostel.

Again, you can purchase or rent these items from the hostel, but if you are really on a budget (like me), it is better to bring your own toiletries. Lastly, you have to share a bathroom with other people, dorm style, so it is suggested to bring shower shoes as well.

Go to Community Dinner

Many hostels that I have been to have a dinner for all the travelers in the hostel. It is usually something simple like pasta or soup, but it is cheap (3-5€). It is very informal and it gives you the opportunity to meet other travelers. I was traveling by myself in Copenhagen, Denmark and ended up meeting great people at St. Christopher’s Hostel there, and we have met up again in other parts of the world!

If you really like to meet people, the community dinner is the way to go!

Party Hostel or Chill Hostel?

When booking a hostel, there are two types. There are party hostels and there are, what I like to call, “chill” hostels.

I am a party-er (if that is a word), so for me I am always searching for the best party hostels. In these hostels, there is always a bar and usually they have someone that works there that will take you out to the clubs and bars of the city you are in! This is a great way to meet new people, explore the clubs, and do it in a safe way. You can still stay in party hostels if you don’t like to party, but be aware, there will most likely be noise throughout the night as people come home from partying.

If you aren’t the party type, there are plenty of hostels that aren’t labeled as a “party hostel.” In these hostels, it is a normal stay. You check in, enjoy your stay, and check out! Easy as that!

All in all, for me, I like staying in hostels and I highly recommend them. Yes, you need to bring a lock and some toiletries but for the cheap price, it is completely worth it. You would probably bring your own toiletries to a hotel anyway!

To find the perfect hostel for your next vacation, use Hostel World. Also, follow me in real time on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with my travels! Comment the best hostel you have ever stayed at! Mine is the St. Christopher’s chain of hostels!

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