My Fav Three Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

As many of you know, you can legally smoke weed in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Why every city isn’t like this yet, I am not sure, but I guess it would take some of the excitement out of Amsterdam. There are so many coffee shops in Amsterdam and although I couldn’t possibly visit all of them, I wanted to tell you about my three favorite ones out of the six I visited.

1. Vondel Coffee Shop

As soon as I arrived at my AirBnB in Amsterdam, I immediately googled “coffee shop near me.” Vondel Coffee Shop was the closest to me and ended up to be my favorite while I was there. It was so chill. You walk in, order a drink (coffee, tea, lemonade), order a few grams or a prerolled, and find a seat. Smoke and chill. The vibe in there was really great. It is also right beside Vondel Park, which is an amazing place to go smoke a joint and just hang out. Check out the coffee shop here.

2. The Bulldog

The Bulldog is the most popular in Amsterdam, and very touristy. It is in the center, which makes it really convenient, and even though it is usually packed with tourists, I really liked it. You go in and you can smell all the weed immediately. When you walk in, you don’t really know where to buy weed, but you have to go down some very steep stairs into the basement to find the weed menu and counter to purchase. Seems kinda sketchy, but it was actually really awesome. Then, you go back upstairs, grab a community grinder, and roll a joint to blaze a little. Their website is really cool so you should check it out here

3. Amnesia

The name of the coffee shop speaks for itself. Not only do they have the strain of weed called ‘Amnesia’ but I couldn’t remember anything we talked about in there after we smoked. Hahaha. We found it by just walking around, and it had a really cool, relaxed vibe. I couldn’t find a website for them, so I guess you’ll just have to visit Amsterdam yourself to check them out!


Let me know what you think!