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I have created Sarah’s Planet to share my life with you guys. I am a motivated, caring person who wants to share my life experiences, my passions, and my opinions. My goal is for this blog to encourage and empower you to do what you love in life.

Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. I am from the United States and had never been out of America until I took an opportunity to study abroad in Marseille, France at 20 years old. That decision changed my life forever. I fell in love with Europe and didn’t want to leave. As soon as I got back to America, I booked another study abroad trip to Hatfield, England (about 20 minutes outside of London). One semester in England turned into two and a half years! As I finish my second year in England, I am humbled to have traveled to ten countries so far, with plans

The amazing people I have met along the way have shaped me. I now have friends from Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, England, and even Egypt! I am so thankful for them, as I have now learned about so many different cultures, religions, and typical food from each country. I cannot stress the importance of TRAVEL and encourage everyone to take ANY opportunity to travel. Even if it is in your own country or own state. It doesn’t matter. Seeing the world and experiencing new people and places is the beauty of life.

Personal development has been something I have become obsessed with in the past couple of months. I can feel my mind expanding and my views changing. It is amazing how reading books, like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, can really motivate you to do what you want in life. This is part of the reason I have built the courage to write this blog. I have always wanted to, but always worry about what people will think of me. Through my personal development, I have learned I don’t give a FUCK anymore and it feels liberating and empowering. Imagine not caring what someone thinks of you anymore? What would you do? What would you accomplish? Our constant worry about what others think holds us back, and if we can break through that barrier, we feel free.

I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I will love writing it for you.

Sending love and encouragement,


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