Spanish Omelette and Vermouth

Spanish omelette is probably my FAVORITE Spanish food, and Vermouth (they say Vermut), is one of my favorite Spanish drinks (there are too many–Aquarius, wine, lemon beer, the list goes on). tortilla-622974_960_720.jpg

Anywayss, Spanish omelette is made with eggs, potatoes, and olive oil.  Mario’s mom made us homemade Spanish omelette and it was so amazing, it melts in your mouth. It kind of looks like a pie and you slice it like pie as well. If you’d like to try it out yourself, there is a really good recipe here. Or if you’re too lazy to cook, guess you’ll have to go to Spain just to try it. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I think we have Vermut (Vermouth) in America, but it’s different in Spain, and it is a common drink at the bars. A typical thing to do in Spain is to go to the bar for a drink and a tapa before going back home to eat lunch (around 2-3 pm). So, one day I was with Mario’s family at the bar, and his dad wanted me to taste Vermut. I am up for trying everything, so I said why not. I took my first sYfB8WWBWRzKHTO9xYiivRg.jpgip, and I loved it. Maybe I drank it a little too fast, but I swear I was very tipsy off of one drink. When I start trying to speak Spanish, that’s when I know I am feeling good hahaha.

I recently found out that Vermut has 15% alcohol, so no wonder I was feeling lit. It is typically red when served, but starts as white wine and then is infused with different spices and caramel. The really cool thing is that each vermouth you get has a different mixture of spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom (Bleiman, 2017).

In conclusion, if you all of a sudden see your ex in public and you want to get drunk really fast, Vermut is your go-to drink.



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